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Whitehorse Yukon is a great place to visit. You will find lots of things to see and do here. Many people have already visited the place and you can learn a lot from their experience. Some people have written blogs about their extraordinary journeys. This will help you to learn more about this beautiful place.

Live in Whitehorse

This blog is helpful for those who want to start living in Whitehorse. Here you will get information about various accommodations that can be rented or bought. There is a listing of properties from where you can choose. If you are a resident, then this blog will be helpful as you will be able to advertise your property for sale here. You will get an idea about the different neighborhoods as well, so you can pick a place that you find is safe for you and your family. You will learn about the best places to eat here as well. The blog gives you recommendations about the food you can try.

The Explore North Blog

This blog is about the northern parts of Canada which includes Whitehorse Yukon. The blog is full of lovely photographs and you will feel like you are actually walking in the valley or driving through the wonderful road with snow-peaked mountains as backdrop. Here the writer writes about the actual journey to Whitehorse.

The Travel Hack

This is a great travel blog and you will find article about Whitehorse, Yukon. You will learn about the town, its landscape and culture.

These blogs will help you to learn more about this place. You will know what to expect when you go there and so can take preparations accordingly.