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Canada is a wonderful country with so many different places to visit. Though many people complain about the cold weather, you won’t see many similar winter landscapes elsewhere. This blog focuses on the Whitehorse Yukon which is on the northern side of Canada. In this blog, the readers will know about the accommodations they can book or places they can visit during their stay at Whitehorse.

We are looking for contributors to join our team. You can either work for us as a writer or a graphics designer. We publish new articles often and we want our readers to read different types of articles that will help them to learn more about Whitehorse. As the blog is full of lovely pictures of Whitehorse, we need graphic designers to help us put those pictures in the best format and to also improve the look of our blog so that it’s more appealing to the readers.

If you want to be in our team, you need to follow certain guidelines. You should write articles that are plagiarism free and without any grammatical error. You must write about Whitehorse Yukon only. You can write reviews of different accommodations and suggest the good ones to the readers.

You must submit relevant pictures with your article. That way people will find it more interesting. You must ensure that there is no copyright issue. We will edit your works and provide you with feedback. It will be a great learning journey for you as you will be able to learn a lot of things from our expert team. In return, you will get experience as a travel writer or a graphics designer. We hope to hear from you soon.